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About Us

About Phillip Hervé

Phillip Hervé practices the alchemy of turning wine into liquid-gold brandy.  We draw on a long family history of creating fine spirits, that touches on the ‘Belle Époque’ of the 1920’s. Through three generations, we have been closely involved in distilling, blending, wine-making and as negociants.


Imagine rolling hills of lush, green vineyards and carefully tilled soil: dappled sunlight, damp earth, mists and gentle rain.  Continue this thought through the heat and brightness of the distillery, where liquid meets metal and fire, then come to rest in the coolness and dark of the ageing cellar. Here, oak barrels produce amber-stained spirits to the tick of the clock, as the seasons and years unfold.  Our aged ‘eaux de vie’ then pass into the hands of our Cellar-Master, who blends and experiments with aromas of spice, pepper, nuts, dried fruits and oak-aged vanilla.


As you can imagine from this time consuming process, our VSOP, XO and EXTRA brandies have been skilfully created with a care and passion that brings only the finest flavours and aromas to your glass.


Phillip Hervé’s expertise consist of  3 strands of  ‘savoir faire’ : the knowledge of spirits, the understanding of winemaking and the chemistry of oenology. Since 1966 the Beaudoin family, owners of Phillip Hervé,  have been based in the heart of the ‘Grand Champagne’, premier cru of the world famous Cognac region of France. A region renown for its skill in distilling and spirit making and a worthy home for our Brandies.



Our Brandies

Our Range of Brandies

Phillip Hervé produces  3 superlative brandies of varying ages and complexities. Each has its own characteristics and subtle profile.  Discover more about them by clicking on the icons below.






Contact Us


Phillip Hervé - 4 chez giraud - 16130 verrieres - france

tel:  06 08 04 16 40



Phillip Hervé - imported by shanghai tao-trade co. ltd

tel:  15910020099


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